How can average people become rich OR how can rich people become richer ?

Mark the difference in their Earning and Spending Habits

Mark the difference in their Earning and Spending Habits

The concept of poor, average, and rich people becoming rich or richer is of utmost significance to understand. By knowing the entire concept, you will get the idea about why investing in the stock market is the best source to transfer you to rich category people. 

Earning Concept of Poor, Middle-Class and Rich People 

Poor People: Poor people always work hard but they earn less. Thus, they spend all their hard-earned money on fulfilling their daily necessities for living. 

Middle-Class People:  These people work hard too then by working well they earn income higher as compared to the poor people. After that, they focus on building liabilities such as cars, etc. In this way, they end up increasing their expenses. 

Rich People: They are the smart ones. They work smart and earn money that may be equal to higher than middle class people. But what separates them from the middle class is not their earnings but the way they use their earnings. They put their earnings for building assets and not liabilities. They make assets like best short term stock investments, real estate investments, PPF, FD and many more. As a result, as time passes their assets also help them and earn for them.

The Outcome of the Concept 

The above-discussed concept, also explained through image, of income and expenditure of rich, poor, and middle-class people is very less focused. That is why this concept is required to be understood better. It has been concluded from the above that one must invest in assets and not liabilities if you have disposable income left for you after your basic needs are fulfilled. One of the best returns delivering assets are equity or stocks for the long term. In this way, you can make and increase your income. Such income is going to be generated from all your smart investments. 

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