Minor Glimpse of finest Value Pick Stocks recommended by us

Let's INVEST NOW, To Make A Multimillion Portfolio for tomorrow with safety of Value Pick stocks


Why trust us, right?

The rare combination with brilliant success. The advisory that teaches , gives investment calls, short term calls and also an investor and trader.


Value Pick Stocks is a Safe Long term Investment Portfolio

Of Undervalued and Dividend Paying Indian Stocks that builds wealth .

Initially dividend yield may not look big but with time dividends and wealth both grows to huge extent.

We Consider stock for Value Pick package if it met 2 conditions:

1st: Best Undervalued Indian Stocks are hunted (Value Investing)

Value Investing Method is used for stock selection. Value Investing Means Stocks with high Margin of Safety or Undervalued Stocks i.e. stocks with Price Valuation. It may be Undervalued because Prices are beaten down that is due to Price correction or may be undervalued as compared to the growth or its fair valuation. Our first preferential is beaten Down Stocks but during Rising Market with good Momentum we consider growth potential keeping undervaluation aside. All Stocks are suggested on techno-fund basis..

2nd: Big Companies Stocks are Hunted (Well set and knows all ins and outs of the business)

Big Players are decided on two basis:

Market Cap Basis: Stocks of Companies that come under large Cap. (top 300-500 Stocks from Whole Market) Category.


Sector Basis: Stocks of top companies of their industry, may not have that heavy Market Cap...

This is How Our Stocks Perform

We deliver 25% Returns in Investment Stocks Portfolio

We deliver 25% Returns in Investment Stocks Portfolio

See Our performance:https://youtu.be/PgEAE_6ZIO0 “Invest Now for Financial Freedom with SEBI ...


Dear Investors, We are pleased to showcase to you our Multibagger Stocks Recommendations of 2019 and 2020 ...

Returns, Risk And Investment Required


Min. time horizon: 3-5 years. As we can see Longer we hold, higher would be the Returns.

These are average returns: Stocks don’t give annual consistent returns (Some years there may be negative returns even). So we need to calculate returns on average basis after the completion of 3-5 years.

Enormous wealth can be build by multibagger stocks


Risk is the probability of Actual Returns being lower than Expected Returns.

How to Reduce Risk? Two Steps

Step 1

Diversify in more Number of Stocks

For diversification: You can choose any of the 4 options: 12, 18, 24 or 36 stock recommendations in a year. Higher the number of stocks, Higher the chances of getting Expected Returns.

Step 2

Invest for Min. 3-5 Years

If suppose Market Corrects then also you have an opportunity to enter on lower level also nd will bring down your average portfolio Cost.

Investment Required

Invest with as low as Rs. 5,000 per stock. For Good diversification we recommend Minimum portfolio of 12 Stocks.