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What Is Multibagger Stock

Multibagger Stocks for 2025 and for next 10 years

Multibagger stock the name comes from the ability of these stocks to provide returns more than 100%. 100% is your capital amount and returns are much higher than 100% p.a. that is money is expected to multiply by 5-10 times in next 5-10 Years.

Let's See, Which Stock are Selected that gives such Miraculous Returns

  • Best Small and Mid Cap stocks (500-5,000 Cr. Market Cap.)
  • With huge growth potential
  • Combination of high growth and light companies converts these small Cap Stocks in Large Cap Stocks and delivers such Multibagger (miraculous) returns to shareholder

  • Lets understand how such multibagger (miraculous) returns comes

    • This is what we provide in our Multibagger Stocks Package
    • Investment is made for long term.
    • with huge growth potential i.e. high growth companies in early stage
    • So in long term these small and mid cap high growth companies converts in large cap stocks

    Returns, Risk And Investment Required


    Min. time horizon: 3-5 years. As we can see Longer we hold, higher would be the Returns.

    These are average returns: Stocks don’t give annual consistent returns (Some years there may be negative returns even). So we need to calculate returns on average basis after the completion of 3-5 years.

    Enormous wealth can be build by multibagger stocks


    Risk is the probability of Actual Returns being lower than Expected Returns.

    How to Reduce Risk? Two Steps

    Step 1

    Diversify in more Number of Stocks

    For diversification: You can choose any of the 4 options: 12, 18, 24 or 36 stock recommendations in a year. Higher the number of stocks, Higher the chances of getting Expected Returns.

    Step 2

    Invest for Min. 3-5 Years

    If suppose Market Corrects then also you have an opportunity to enter on lower level also nd will bring down your average portfolio Cost.

    Investment Required

    Invest with as low as Rs. 5,000 per stock. For Good diversification we recommend Minimum portfolio of 12 Stocks.