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Best stocks to buy for Intraday

Know the best shares to buy for Intraday trading

Do you want to have a profitable, lucrative, and enjoyable (Intraday Stocks) trading? Then understand and cultivate the snowball effect for your trading. The Snowball Strategy is about building profits over time and not rushing for big profits and big risk It’s about starting small and then growing big. It’s a win-win situation.

SEBI registered research analyst
PACKAGE NAMESIntraday Trading in Stocks
Types of TradesBoth Buy and Sell Trades
Time FrameAll open positions will be squared off intraday. In case of any outstanding positions the closing price of 3:20 p.m. will be deemed as the square off price.
Number of Calls: Per Day: 1-2 Calls (Depending on the market conditions, there could be days without calls in case of adverse market conditions.) P.M.: Min-Max Calls: 20-40
Reward: RiskAvg.Reward: Risk: 2: 1 (it variates from trade to trade).

Call Format 1Buy SBI Range: 425-427 Target: 445-459 SL-414 PACKAGE: Intraday Trading in Stocks
Call Format 2Buy SBI above 425 Target: 445-459, SL-414 PACKAGE: Intraday Trading in Stocks
Follow Up Message FormatUpdate: Book Part Profit SBI 1st Target 445 achieved PACKAGE: Intraday Trading in Stocks
9825663123 ( SL may be trailed later, Part Profit may be booked.)