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Intraday Stock trading tips Provider in India

Intraday Stock Advisory Services

ABJ FINSTOCKS provides intraday Stock tips for today. We are one of the intraday stock trading tips providers in India. We make sure that you earn high profits through our Intraday Stock Package designed for Intraday with our diversification approach. Our Intraday Stock advisor has a potential to deliver high returns generating intraday stock trading tips. We are growing fast, with the growth of our clients, as intraday share trading tips provider.

PACKAGE NAME Intraday Trading in Stocks
Types of Trades Both Buy and Sell Trades
Time Frame All open positions will be squared off intraday. In case of any outstanding positions the closing price of 3:20 p.m. will be deemed as the square off price.
Number of Calls: Avg. Per Day: 3-4 Calls
Avg. Per Month.: 60-80 Calls
Note: Above are Avg. Figures there could be days without calls in case of adverse market conditions.
There can be days with more Calls
Risk 1-5%
Reward 2-8%
Reward: Risk Avg.Reward: Risk: 2: 1 (it variates from trade to trade).
Types of Stocks It can be any: Large Cap OR Small Cap
All Calls will be provided on Cash levels.
Pricing 1 Month- Rs.3,000
3 Months- Rs.7,500
6 Months- Rs.12,600
1 Year- Rs.21,600

Call Format Buy XYZ Stock
Near 425
Target: 445-459

PACKAGE: Intraday Trading in Stocks
ABJ Finstocks
Follow Up Message Format XYZ 1st Target 445 achieved, Book Part Profit