ABJ Finstocks, the stock advisory

ABJ Finstocks provides all kind of stock advisory services that include Stock investment advisory for Multibagger Stocks in India and Stocks trading advisory service.

We make sure that you earn high profits through our long-term Investment Calls + Short Term Trading Calls.


You are with popular Market Research Analysts.
Our Equity Research Analyst will suggest and guide you to find and select the best equity options for you.

Annual Disposal Of Complaints

Sr No. Year Carried forward from Previous Year Received Resolved * Pending#
1 2016-17 NIL NIL N.A N.A
2 2017-18 NIL NIL N.A N.A
3 2018-19 NIL NIL N.A N.A
4 2019-20 NIL NIL N.A. N.A
5 2020-21 NIL NIL N.A N.A
6 2021-22 NIL NIL N.A N.A
7 2022-23 NIL NIL N.A N.A
8 2023-24 NIL NIL N.A N.A
Grand Total NIL NIL N.A. N.A

*Inclusive of complaints of previous years resolved in the current year.
#Inclusive of complaints pending as on the last day of the year.

Here’s Everything You’re Going To Get When Subscribed

Entry: If you subscribed for 12 Calls in a Year you will receive 1 Call p.m., Total 12 Calls

We Provide Minimum 1 Call P.m. per Package
Max. You can subscribe for 3 Calls P.m. per Package
If you have good Investment Capacity then go for the Combo of above or increase number of stocks

Additional Benefits

You will receive Research Report along with Call (made on Fundamental + Technical Analysis Basis)

Portfolio Rebalancing provided free to our advisory clients

You will get the services for the recommended stock calls, even if you don’t renew your services in coming years.

Why we need Stock Advisor

Stock share the most popular and the most profitable investment option preferred by people around the world. There can be observed a general lack of knowledge about this subject across the globe, that's actually to be understood, because stock market is no child's play, that can be understood in a day.

That's why people are always in search of best Indian stock advisor who can guide them in deciding how much capital should they should invest in stocks depending upon their risk appetite and Goals.

Avail stock advisory service to make optimum utilization of the market trends and be enriched with better returns.

The stock market is the place where fortunes are made and lost. Anybody who has invested in stocks know that fortunes can be made if your stock holdings are right.

We give you vital tips which can help in directing day trade in an efficient way.

Why ABJ Finstocks as Stock Advisor?

1. We have Secret Formula for selecting Multibagger Stocks based on Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Smart Money

2. Advisory Providing Long term, Short Term and Intraday Calls Providing Long term Calls Since 2012

3. SEBI Registered Research Analyst: A Trusted Stock Advisory

4. Returns:Approx. 31% IRR