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Are you looking for the accurate Intraday & BTST Nifty Tips?

You are with one of the successful and peaceful advisor and trader. ABJ Finstocks provides Intraday Nifty Options Tips as Well as BTST Nifty Option Tips. We provide all our Nifty tips on the basis of Technical Analysis, we have some secret and successful Technical strategies that works out the great results for intraday as well as BTST traders. We don’t say we are always right but yes we can make good money trading it.
PACKAGE NAME INTRADAY Nifty Option BTST Nifty option
Types of Trades Only Buy (Call OR Put) Only Buy (Call OR Put)
Number of Calls: 1-2 Calls per Day 1 Call per Day
Risk 20-50 points 50-100 points
Targets T1: 20-40 Points T2: More 20-40 Points Only T1: 50-100 Points
Pricing 1 Month- Rs.3,000
3 Months- Rs.7,500
6 Months- Rs.12,600
1 Year- Rs.21,600
1 Month- Rs.2,500
3 Months- Rs.6,225
6 Months- Rs.10,500
1 Year- Rs.18,000


Intraday Calls:

All open positions will be squared off intraday.

In case of any outstanding positions the closing price of 3:20 p.m. will be deemed as the square off price.

No of calls:

Above mentioned are Approx. not fix

There may be days without trades. In Case of no calls your service would be extended

Actual No of calls depends on Market Movement.