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BTST STBT Calls by ABJ Finstocks

ABJ FINSTOCKS provides BTST STBT Calls. We are BTST STBT Calls providers in India. We make sure that you earn high profits through our BTST STBT Calls Package designed for momentum traders with our diversification approach, diversified in Index and Stocks both. We are growing fast, with the growth of our client, as BTST STBT Calls advisor.

Types of Trades Only Buy
Time Frame Positions Will be squared of next day, not necessarily in opening.
Calls are provided in All Stocks
No Sell Calls
Number of Calls 1-2 Calls per day
20-40 Calls p.m.
(Depending on the market conditions, there could be days without calls).
Pricing 1 Month- Rs.3,000
3 Months- Rs.7,500
6 Months- Rs.12,600
1 Year- Rs.21,600

What are BTST Calls?

BTST acronym stands for Buy Today Sell Tomorrow.
BTST Calls are flashed in the last 30 mins, sometimes may be in last 5 mints.
BTST Calls are squared up in the subsequent Trading session in the first 30 - 45 mins. Sometimes calls are kept open for an extended move with trailed stop-loss.
Indian Stock Market works on T+2 days settlement cycle. However, BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) - Trades where you buy shares and sell it on T+1 day.
In a BTST trade, you sell the stock the next day before the stock is actually delivered to your demat account. Buying stocks on Thursday and selling the same stocks on Friday is an example of a BTST trade.

Who should opt for BTST STBT tips?

1. Futures and Options Traders. In the BTST STBT tips traders has to trade in Derivatives i.e. Futures & options because we give even Short Position which cannot be done in Cash segment.
2. Quick access to trading terminal or dealer.
3. Your Broker must permit BTST calls trades.

Is BTST a good strategy?

BTST STBT tips Benefits
1. Many times, Market just keep on giving gap up opening. In fact, when market current is highly bullish or highly bearish Market gives much of its move in gaps only and whole day market ends in consolidation. So, we believe returns on BTST are many times higher than intraday.

BTST STBT tips Cautions
1. Money Management: If you forget to follow money management even single day you may thrown out of market. Eg: You bought stock XYZ assuming its very bullish your capacity was to buy one lot and still you bought 3 lots as you were earning good profits from last many days. And next day if due to any reason if your stock gives gap down open your capital will be ruined. Already one big SL was heavy and you traded thrice of it, it can be disastrous for your further trading.

2. Stock Selection: Many times, we are not able to exit the counters. So BTST trades must be done only in good volume counters preferable to do BTST only in stocks with minimum volumes of 150-200 Crores (this is our experience not any rule). In fact, BTST are not allowed on Trade-to-Trade stocks and Stocks under GSM (Graded surveillance measures) or ASM (Additional surveillance measures).

3. Broker Selection: The risk with BTST trades is that since you are selling shares that aren't in your DEMAT account yet, you are relying on the seller whom you bought the shares from to give you the stock. If the seller defaults on giving you the shares i.e in the event of short delivery, your obligation as a seller to deliver shares won't be met and you will face the risk of auction penalty which can be up to 20% of the value of stock short delivered. Solution to this is select the right broker for BTST.

So BTST STBT trading is a good strategy with great returns if you are with right stock advisor but you have to be careful while doing BTST STBT. Careful about your Money Management, Stock Selection and Broker selection.