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The place 

to build a 



The place to build a multi-million portfolio.

The place to generate multi-x money.

The place 

to generate 

multi-x money.


The place to

build a

multi-million portfolio.

The place to

generate multi-x


SEBI Registered Research Analyst

SEBI Registered Since 2016 with Zero Complains by our clients

Invest or Trade in Stocks, with a Trusted SEBI Registered Research Analyst

Welcome to ABJ Finstocks, your trusted partner for insightful stock recommendations, market analysis, and portfolio management services. ABJ Finstocks is a SEBI registered research analyst who recommends stocks for investment and trading. As a SEBI registered research analyst, we pride ourselves on our expertise, transparency, and client-centric approach, guiding you through the complexities of financial markets with integrity and personalized support. Explore our range of services

Our Services

Investment Advisory Services

Investment for Min. 3-5 Years

Short Term Share Market Tips

Calls Ranging From 2 Days to 1 Year

Intraday Advisory Serives

Position Squared off Same Day

Why associate with us, right ?

For the past 12 years, we’ve been successfully building money in stock trading and investment with happy and content attitude and will deliver you the same experience.

SEBI Registered Research Analyst since 2016.
Proven Track Record, Trading & Investing Since 2007
Precise Analysis: Calls Provided on Technical + Fundamental Analysis
Money Mgt. the success key for Investment & Trading: Our Clients work with it

We are Registered on SEBI Portal

You can check on SEBI website

We have ZERO Complaints since 2016

You can check on SEBI website

About ABJ Finstocks

Stock Market Research Analyst

ABJ Finstocks is a Sebi Registered Research Analyst, got Registered as Research Analyst since 2016.

Our Stock Research Analysts spends great time on market research after which our equity research analyst recommends you the most promising stock for your investment. We are Equities Research Analyst and we even provide Calls in Index Derivatives Segment of Indian Stock Market.

We are one of the Sebi Registered Stock Advisor in India. There are many websites that help investors and traders to do their own Research & Analysis but once become the part of ABJ Finstocks you will be no more required to be in the stress of taking the decision in dynamic Stock Market. We will recommend you the best stocks for investment and trading out of the thousands of listed stocks in India Stock Market.
We don’t claim to be one of the best Stock Recommendation websites but our recommended Investment’s portfolio performance speaks about our expertise in Stock Market. Do contact us to know and understand the things in detail.
Associate Now, with ABJ Finstocks to achieve your financial Goals and to know where to Park your money in stocks for long term and trade in short term.


Giving guaranteed returns is not allowed as per compliance. (Check Point No. 2) Check Here
We dont Showcase Past Performance: Check SEBI Circular Link of SEBI Circular. Applicable from 1st May 2023. Check Here (Page 4: point 12.)
Because you must opt only SEBI Registered advisors Services 1. We are SEBI registered since 2016 with no complaints this is one good reason for 1st trust. To make even stronger relationship you need to begin by starting with 1 month. 2. We are Ethical (we follow all compliance given by SEBI) Even if other SEBI Registered Research Analyst are displaying their Performance though illegal can you trust that authenticity. 3. Build your Customised Portfolios with us in across various Industries, instruments and time frames (Stocks, Index, Long term, Short term, Intraday) as per your risk return Profit So Talk Now to understand things in detail

What Our Client Says About ABJ Finstocks


The team at ABJ Finstocks is highly knowledgeable and always available for support. Their in-depth research reports and precise stock recommendations have been instrumental in growing my portfolio. Whether it’s for long-term investments or short-term trades, their advice has been spot-on.


I’ve been following ABJ Finstocks’ tips for several months, and their consistency is impressive. They provide well-researched calls backed by thorough technical and fundamental analysis. My experience has been very profitable, and I highly recommend their services to serious investors.


ABJ Finstocks stands out for their exceptional customer service. They are always responsive and willing to explain their strategies in detail. This personalized approach, combined with their market expertise, has made a significant difference in my trading outcomes


What I love about ABJ Finstocks is their ability to cater to both short-term traders and long-term investors. Their calls are timely and accurate, making them a dependable source of stock market advice. Their long-term investment strategies, supported by detailed research, have helped me achieve my financial goals efficiently.


ABJ Finstocks has proven to be a reliable partner in my trading journey. Their long-term CAGR of 33% speaks volumes about their expertise and commitment. As a SEBI registered advisor, they have maintained a high level of professionalism and transparency, which has significantly boosted my confidence in their services.

Bhavna Shahu

I have been investing with ABJ Finstocks for over a year now, and their recommendations have consistently yielded great results. Their intraday trading tips have provided me with nearly a 50% ROI annually, which is phenomenal compared to other services I’ve tried. I appreciate their detailed technical analysis and the peace of mind they offer with their reliable advice.