Easiest Ways for Best stock selection for beginners

Stock market courses

Stock market courses

The stock market is a place to earn big profits by buying and selling shares of companies. It would be brilliant if we can buy shares that make lots of money, but this is not always possible. Stock market investing can be a great way to build wealth, if you know what you are doing. Making wise investment decisions requires an ability to think critically, an understanding of how the market works, and enough patience to hold a position while it gains profits.  

However, you can still do well in the share market even if you are a starter with a limited budget and experience. The key is to spend time learning how to invest. There are so many ways to select the best stocks to buy. You can begin with those easy ones first.

Consumption approach

The consumption approach of stock selection can be described as the selection of stock of the companies is based on the trust and use of its products. While selecting your stocks, look for companies that manufacture products which you use on a daily basis or notice individuals using on a day-to-day basis. For example, if you are using Colgate toothpaste on a daily basis then buy Colgate Stock or if you love and use Sunfeast biscuits daily then your long-term portfolio must have stocks of ITC, don’t forget to invest in those companies whose products you use. 

Alternative investment approach

Another easiest way to find the best stocks for investment is through an Alternative Investment Approach which says to invest in stocks for your portfolio of the companies that give you other investment options like Gold, Fix Deposits, etc. 

The Alternative Investment Approach is a strategy that states that you should invest in stocks of companies you want to invest in instead of just investing in those companies’ financial products. What do we mean by this? If you want to put money in fixed deposits then don’t just deposit the money, but consider investing your hard earned money in the stocks of the bank instead. 

Qualitative approach 

Qualitative approach is about the people who are connected to the companies and not about numbers. Humans create and buy the services or products offered by any company, Hence, it is not possible to look at the firm as just a collection of numbers. Customers, Vendors, employees and management of the company is what qualitative analysis focuses on. Taking a qualitative approach is crucial in understanding a company and how it will perform. Though here we are talking about the easy approach of a qualitative method, On the other hand is the balance sheet study. That is a quantitative method that gives us an indication on a company’s financial position and is an essential tool in trying to understand a company. 

Index Approach

Index Approach is a stock investing strategy that is used to replicate Index. The index approach is an investing approach that involves selecting a stock market index and making the same portfolio as Index and holding it for the long term. It is also known as passive investing or buy-and-hold investing, which aims to track the performance of the total market by holding securities representing all stocks within that Index.  You can know more about Index Approaching in our article: Index Investing Approach: Stock Selection Approach for Beginners. 

Role of stock Advisor

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