Coffee Can Portfolio: Best Method for Huge Wealth Building

Coffee Can portfolio long term portfolio mgt style

Coffee Can portfolio long term portfolio mgt style

Have you heard about the “Coffee Can Portfolio”? Are you wondering what it is? Let us help you.

Coffee Can Portfolio is a Portfolio (Stocks) Management Style. The “buy and forget” approach of investing in the stocks of quality companies is referred to as “Coffee Can Investing.” It is a passive style of Portfolio Management.

This kind of investment in shares can create a “Coffee Can Portfolio.” It is primarily a long-term investing strategy with a never-ending time horizon. In the long run, you will have some stocks that have not grown, some would have lost value, and some would outperform. However, such out-performers will provide a high investment return on your portfolio.  

About the Term “Coffee Can Portfolio” 

The term “Coffee Can Investing” was coined by Robert G. Kirby in 1984. Furthermore, A book was written on Coffee Can Portfolio by Saurabh Mukherjea named “The Unusual Billionaires,” coauthored with Rakshit Rajan and Pranab Uniyal. In this book, they introduced the term in the Indian context.

People in Old West America used coffee cans for storing all their essential things. Then, such cans were hidden under the mattress. The system was prevalent before the formation of the banking system. Similarly, with the Coffee Can Portfolio, investors choose high-performing equities, invest in them, and then hold them for a longer time. 

Coffee Can Portfolio at Multibaggers. adopts this investment style for itself and its clients under the package of Multibagger stocks and value pick stocks. In this, the invested capital can also be withdrawn at a 100% increase to safeguard the capital.

Additionally, Coffee Can Portfolio is certainly one of the best types of Passive Investment Portfolio Management Style. It is offered to you to invest in the right stocks for the long term. By this, you can also enjoy the benefits of compounding. Therefore, contact now to make the best Coffee Can Portfolio.