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The question that might have come to your mind when you landed on this page to read the blog could be, “Can I make money from the stock market after associating with ABJ Finstocks as a trader?” The simple answer to this question is – YES, you can. You can make money as a trader from the stock market anyway but when you associate with ABJ Finstocks, you get the support and the handholding to navigate the ups and downs of the market. 

The support doesn’t come with the guarantee that you will. That’s because of two reasons:

  1. In life, there are no guarantees. So how can we give you one? 
  2. Giving a guarantee in the stock market is not allowed. It is illegal. 

Before we get into how ABJ Finstocks can help you to make money from the stock market, first let us understand the process of trading. Once you understand this, you will be able to use the tips and recommendations we give for your profit. 

What does it take to be a successful trader?

Making money in the stock market requires not only careful analysis and strategic decision-making. But to be a successful trader you have to research several stocks to find best one out of thousands of stocks, stay updated on market trends, and manage risk. Long-term success in trading demands patience, knowledge, and a disciplined approach.

Can you make huge profits from the stock market?

Yes, there is a huge potential for making profits from trading. But the results vary and there are no guarantees of specific earnings. While some traders achieve significant gains, others may experience losses. That’s because profits from trading in the stock market are influenced by different factors. Like:

  • Market conditions
  • Investment strategies
  • Risk tolerance
  • Money Management
  • Individual Psychology 

It is essential to approach trading with realistic expectations and a clear understanding of the associated risks. When you associate with ABJ Finstocks, we give you trading calls on different sectors and specific stocks. When we give you our recommendations, you must follow all calls with discipline.

So how can we at ABJ Finstocks help you?

With the number of years we have spent in the stock market, we have developed an eye for the right stocks. After we do our thorough analysis, we get a clear idea of when to buy a stock and when to sell it. 

Buying at the Bottom and Momentum Trading

One of the many strategies that we have perfected involves Buying at the bottom. Now, what does that mean? Buying at the bottom means purchasing stocks when their prices are low, aiming for  growth. Once you can do this, and make the right entry, then it is about riding the momentum. This is called Momentum Trading. It involves capitalizing on upward or downward trends in stock prices. Both strategies require careful analysis, timing, and risk management. While buying low offers potential for long-term gains, momentum trading seeks short-term profits by following market trends.

Discipline and Money Management

Making money in the stock market is not just about knowing the trading rules and having strategies, it also involves strict discipline and adhering to money management. Why? Because the ups and downs of the market can make you greedy or even hopeless sometimes. Both these feelings can happen in the day. How do you navigate that? This is where discipline comes into play. When you make your rules, you set your target and your stop loss, make sure that you stick to it. If you hit the target, book profits (full or partial depending on your strategy), if you hit the stop loss, exit. Don’t fault your rules. The market is unpredictable. So chart your way before you hit the road. 

Money management simply put is about how to manage the capital that you have when you take a trade. Your strategy should be an integral part of money management. Ask yourself, ‘How much capital do I have? How much capital am I utilising for one trade? How much loss can I take in a day? How much funds should I allocate to different trades and how can I adjust it based on the position size? In short, the answers to these questions will help you gain a clear understanding of your style of trading. So even if you make your losses today, your money management rules will give you the freedom to get up tomorrow morning and get into the market. You need money to trade every day. Following money management helps you do that. If you follow Money management at your best time it will give you the confidence to operate in the market during challenging times.

At ABJ Finstocks, we know that every trader is different and their trading styles are different. No one-size-fits-all and you must continually adapt and learn from your experiences to navigate the dynamic markets effectively.

ABJ Finstocks is a SEBI Registered Research Analyst and we offer different stock advisory services  even it is long term investment or short-term trading.