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Is Stock Market gambling just like Casino ?

Is Stock Market gambling just like Casino ?

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Winning depends on:
Casino gambling is a combination of statistics, arithmetic and of course luck. If one can master the art of number then luck is bound to favor him. The chances of someone winning also depend on his opposition. In stock market experience can be good or bad and can lead to greediness and fear.

We have never seen a person who blames the casino market for losing their money or capital but often we have seen as well as heard the same for stock market.

Regulatory Authority:
Casino market does not have transparency of outcome while stock market has liquidity along with transparency because everyone trusts the procedure and system of stock dealing.

Depends on growth of country:
Stock market affects the country’s economy directly. It also plays a vital role in growth, inflation, foreign direct Investment, capital inflow and all area which affect micro and macro economy like RBI monetary policy and so on. While in case of casino what matters most is black money and the thrill and rush of playing that could not generate any productive out come for the country except the fact that the casino owner pays the full amount of tax to the country as it is a profitable business for him at the end of the day.

Requirements to enter:
To trade or invest in stock market, it requires so much study like analysis, research reports, companies’ balance sheet, and industrial production data. Along with risk appetite, holding capacity, patience, and discipline that helps to build up capital growth. In the other side of the coin, casino market is not every one’s cup of tea. Majority of the people belong to royal families. They play casino every day/night, while the rest of the people visit casino market once in a while until it turns into addiction of course!

Stock market plays a vital role in the field of finance. It provides facilities of mutual funds, loans against shares and tools of derivatives. Stock market is interred linked up with swaps, interest rate and bond market. Investors are always eager and excited starting from the process of IPO to listing of shares in stock market.

Stock market players have motive to earn money, invest money and grow capital over a period of fixed time duration while casino market players have motive to earn money fast and quickly in a period of a single night.

Stock market has people like speculators, hedgers and investors and casino market has luck believers and gamblers.

Except the historical scam of stock market, rest of the things remain favorable than casino. Stock market ensures that scrip’s brought at a fair rate at a good time with right judgment gives better than expected return within a certain time period. Trading is a conceptual art that is better than blind gambling. Wish you a smooth trading experience online.