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1Who Should Opt which Package
If You Are Looking to invest in Small - Mid Cap Companies, may Be for Nearly 10 Years Or More to Get Multibagger Returns then Multibagger Stocks would be best. If You Are Looking to invest in Small Companies, to take benefit of bullish market to Get Multibagger Returns with comparitively high risk then Multibagger Stocks would be best. If You Are Looking For Mid- Large Cap Companies Portfolio with low risk to Hold for Long Term may Be Nearly 10 Years Or More To Get Enormous Returns Then Value Pick Stock Suits You.
2How do we analyse recommended Stocks: Fundamentally Or Technically?
In all 3 long term Packages, we look out both Technically And Fundamentally Strong Scrips. aman
3Do we provide Research Reports?
Techno- Funda Research Report Will be provided for each recommended Stock in all Packages.
4Minimum and Max. Calls I can subscibe of any packagefor one Year?
If you go for single Package then we have minimum package of 12 Calls and Max. of 36 calls in a year. In combo Stocks we have minimum Package of 24 Stocks and Max. of 72 Stocks for one Year.
5Min. Capital Required in any of the Package?
Rs.60,000 p.a. for 12 Calls i.e. 5000 per stock. Max. Capital depends on your investment capacity.
6Do we trigger Stop Loss?
No, We Believe To Hold The Stocks For Life Time.
7What is Investment Time Frame ?
Multibagger and Value Pick i.e. min. 3-5 years and can be hold for life long these are forever stocks. Penny Stocks are full exit on 500% Rise.
8Should we Average stock if it corrects after recommendation
No, Averaging Is Not Recommended In Any Of The Stock from our side.
9Mode of Calls?
Through all these 3 sources: Sms, Email And Whats App
10Do we book Part Profit?
In all 3 Long term Packages: Part Profit Is Booked in range of 80-100% rise.
11If I subscibed for 12 Calls, When will Call I receive those 12 Stocks?
All Calls Are Not Provided Together. One call will be provided each month i.e. 12 Calls in next one year. Generally call are published in first 10 days of month. If not recommend in initial 10 days then you will get intimation for the same. If calls is postponed for any month due to market conditions then same will be balanced in coming months. You will surely get total number of calls subscribed.
12What are other benefits of long term Investment
Tax Benefits and Dividends
13Will we get support for the stocks after service expires
These are long term calls so for sure you will be getting support even if you don’t renew your services.
14Can we get any free trial?
These are long term calls so trial is not possible in such calls, you can see our past performance for any clarity.
15Other than calls what other support we give to our subscribed client?
In all 3 Long term Packages: We provide free Portfolio Checkup of your own stocks, which is actually our chargeable service here it is provided free of cost.
16What would be best for me if I am new to market with limited Capital
GO for long term investment in Value Pick stocks for 12 Calls in one year.