When do we book targets in our long term Multibagger Stocks? Few of Our recent Targets…


When we book targets in our long term Multibagger Stocks? Few of Our recent Targets

We are discussing this issue as When we publish a potential long-term Multibagger stock, the first question that comes is ” What’s the Target”…

Now the answer to it is teji ki koi top nai hoti and mandi ki koi bottom nahi hoti. This means, bullish stocks don’t have tops and bearish stocks don’t have any bottoms.

The Size of a business opportunity evolves over a period of time and is not known on day one.

Except for its current numbers, charts, promoters’ capability, ethics, and business model nothing more is known when we identify the stock.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala who made much part of his wealth through Titan must not be sure about the extent of the growth story of Titan, he would have never imagined Titan reaching where it is today and making such wealth for him.

We bet even MFs, FIIs cannot guess that…

What should be done?

We would just say: hold on to winners, Don’t sell just because it gave rise of 5X or 10X..  Never sell your milk giving cows, but that’s what people do in stock investments. Stay invested in quality stocks. Don’t get distracted due to profit booking.

We always say to our clients please never ask us target of any long-term Multibagger or Value Pick stocks.

How to play safe game?

Many times, after good rise stocks, become junk or act very volatile so how to remain Psychologically strong and protect our capital in such situations.

The answer to it is You can-do a zero-sum portfolio to minimize the risk i.e. withdraw initial invested capital after some fixed rise. Like when stock doubles i.e. near rise of 100%.

Here are a few examples of recent targets we booked in the last 2 months. We have just withdrawn the capital part of it. The remaining part is still in the Market and will remain in the market forever and this is how wealth is built with minimal risk as we have already withdrawn capital.

BELOW ARE CAPITAL WITHDRAWALS details in just the last 2 months’ stocks

To get such calls you can opt for our stock advisory service and you can also check our detailed performance also. In long-term investment in stocks, we provide Multibagger Stock advisory and value research stock. Both the long-term packages are overperforming Mutual funds and Indexes. Visit our Value Stock Advisory Service to see our detailed Performance and associate your wealth-building goal with ABJ Finstocks.

Below we have mentioned a few screenshots. This will give you an idea of the Messages we flash.