What should be the Goal from Stocks Investment?

What should be the Goal from Stocks Investment?

What should be the Goal from Stocks Investment?

We have seen investors not clear about their financial goals and exit from good stock on small rises. And then, they regret it when the stock goes up further. Therefore, it is very significant to have a clear knowledge and information about stock market investment as well as one’s financial objectives. This is why let’s understand what should an investor expect from an equity stocks portfolio in brief. 

Lets understand with a small calculation. 

Let’s consider that our monthly expenditure is 10 lakhs and the average lifespan of one generation is assumed as 100 years. By this, our portfolio must be built in a way that we can make sure that our next 3 generations get nothing to do further. They do not even bother to put this money to use.

This is a wealth target of not less than 360 Crores. This is calculated as per the given assumption.(10 lakhs p.m. * 12 Months in a year* 100 Years life span *3 Generations).

This is not funny, unreal, or weird, but this is exactly what long term investors must target from their investments. Everything else may pass for indiscipline or impatient investors .

We always tell our clients that it is more essential to focus on wealth building and not on small rises in their portfolio of 100-200%.

Here we have tried to give a rough idea of what you could consider as the goal of long term investors in stocks. This goal can be achieved only through long-term investments involving good stocks. Here, the long-term period is more than 30 Years. 30 Years is nothing for wealth building to secure the next 3 Generations and possible only if  invested in best stocks. To get the above  returns you must consult the best investment advisor to get the best stocks to buy for long term investments. Multibaggers.co.in provides Multibagger stocks and value pick stocks so that you can achieve your long term financial goals. The adequate guidance from Multibaggers.co.in can help you ahead concerning making perfect stock investment decisions.