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equity stocks portfolio checkup

What is Portfolio Rebalancing
Here We diagnose your both short term and long term stocks (Indian or international) portfolio made by you and provide it one of 3 Rating : EXIT, AVERAGE OR HOLD. Signals would be provided on Technical and Fundamental Basis, Technically: Bullish, Bearish OR Sideways, Fundamentally: Good, Average or Weak Company. Its always wise to exit bad quality stocks and hold with ONLY good stocks."

Why Portfolio Chekup should be done?

Your Portfolio will underperform if yyou have SELL rating Stocks in your portfolio. Investors hold such loss making dead stocks in their portfolio for years and years assuming it will bounce back but these stocks dont rise for decades until and unless something new cooks.

So the stocks that earns sell rating should be immediately exit from your portfolio as it will reduce your portfolio returns in coming time. If you don’t exit your sell rating stock then you may lose positive returns from other good Stocks.


The portfolio rebalancing service does not include

(a) No Research Report would be provided.
(b) No future support would be provided.
(c) No recommendations on which other stocks are good for investment or short-term. Consulting service is only for the current portfolio. For queries like which stocks should buy, we request you to avail of our long term or Short term advisory Services as suitable for you.


If you want your portfolio to be diagnosed kindly mail your portfolio after signup for the services

When Portfolio analysis should be done? Portfolio analysis a regular process So go for it | Each year after annual results OR | After any big economic news OR | After each major market move


This service can be availed free of cost if you sbcbe for any of our long term Packages.