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Making a living out of stock trading

Making a living out of stock trading

Making a living out of stock trading

For every successful trader, there are thousands or even more who are net losers in the stock market. Thanks to social media, numerous people are lured into the stock markets and have a rosy view of trading. 

Many decide trading fulltime in stock markets when they make money over some months despite having limited knowledge of analysing stocks. If a person enters the market during strong bull run he would make profits even in speculative trades. It’s only when a correction happens, and losses occur, that people realise their mistakes.

But no one knows about traders’ journey of long learning curve, his disciplined and the basis of his calls his research and reasoning. People come and trade in stock market seeing successful traders. Seeing success of few traders many thinks trading is easy game. But then they meet failure because they speculate, keep unrealistic returns expectations and don’t manage risks properly, they are not Psychologically that strong. 

Reality is, less than 1% of active traders earn more money than a bank fixed deposit over a 3-year period. It’s a challenge to turn a profit through trading, and although every day trader believes they can make money, most people who attempt trading end up with a net loss. 

When I was in Job during 2008 crash. I had a client who lost huge money trading futures but he refused to give up. His family left him; he sold his house. But, every day, at 9:15 am, he would be at our office to trade.

I’ve been a trader for nearly 10 years and I feel “Trading is hard work”, You can improve your odds of profitable trading by finding your strength. Individuals who have been making money from markets attain success due to one thing – they focus on a single strategy that they understand well and they follow it over time with discipline. 

Trading should not be your addiction but the work involved behind it should be your addiction. At multibaggers.co.in you can make this work easy by getting direct share market tips for short term stocks and Nifty and Bank Nifty tips for intraday.