Is Intraday Trading Really Profitable?

intraday trading profitable or not

intraday trading profitable or not

Yes, intraday trading is really profitable, if you follow below 3 Things:

1. Be Ready for Losses Mentally and Financially
2. Trade With Expert
3. Know All about Profits in Stock Market

1. Be Ready for Losses Mentally and Financially:
We Trade for Making Profit then why to be ready for loses? Isn’t it Crazy?
Getting Ready Means Our losses should not affect us mentally or financially Because all trades cannot be profitable. Getting Ready for losses is actually taking you towards Profits and away from losses.

How to Be Mentally Ready for losses?
If you are the person who cannot see or bear losses then Stock Market and intraday trading is surely not for you. You should be able to trade even after consecutive losses and must not go in depression or setback then only you can act as a good trader.

How to Be Financially Ready for losses?
A. Right Trade Size:
We Must know the Max. Risk we can take per trade and Max. Risk Overall.

The Simple rule is that if we have risk tolerance capacity of say Rs. 2 Lacs then our per trade Risk should be Max. 2,000/- (1% of Total Risk) and accordingly should be our Trade Size.  Now why should we keep just 1% as risk per trade, because if we initially incur losses, we must later have capital to recover those losses and make profit above that.  We must have losing capacity i.e. a good amount of capital to remain in market even after consecutive losses or big loss to make profits.

B. Trade in Right Segment
We must be in right segment according to our risk appetite.
If our loss bearing capacity is small, better is to trade in cash segment and not in derivatives segment.
Cash Segment: Min. Capital Rs. 1 Lacs
Derivatives (Futures & Options):  Min. Capital Rs. 3-4 Lacs

2. Know All about Profits in Stock Market:

Trading is a game of average
Many times, people come ask us
How much profit I will Make Daily on your tips?
This is a silly question.
Reason: Stock Market is a game of average returns and not daily Returns.
If I say Rs.1,000/- per day then it is average Profit.
Example: If you Lost Rs.10,000/- in 3 days & in next 2 days if you made Profit Rs. 15,000/- then your 5 Days Profit is Rs. 5,000 i.e. Rs. 1,000/- per day.
This is How Profit loss are calculated which is not known to majority of people who come for taking tips.

Be Realistic:
We Must not have over expectations. 
The other horrible question we listen I have Rs. 50,000/- Can I make Just Rs.1000/- daily, Stock Market is so Much Volatile.
Tell me one thing, Rs.1000/- Daily Means Rs. 22,000 in a month Right.
So Rs. 2,64,000 in a Year
i.e., ROI of 528%
Do you think this is possible, is it a joke?
You need good amount of capital to make even a small looking figure on an average basis.  Most of the people fail to take care for proper capital in trading.

3. Trade With Expert:
You should not trade yourself. We go to concern experts if in need, say for we go to surgeons, tailors, etc. for concern work. We don’t everything ourselves same way we need to go to stock advisor if looking for Intraday Stock Trading. It’s not easy game to be done by anyone.  Intraday Trading has its Own Trading Strategies without mastery on it you should not trade yourself.

If we follow the rules, we can Make good money in sock markets. We here at ABJ Finstocks gives an average ROI of nearly 50% p.a. in Intraday trading in Stocks but it is not on daily basis.  Now this 50% is common a respectable figure. It means if you have capital of Rs.5 lacs then 2.5 lacs Profit in one year. Its good, isn’t it?  We leave answer on you.

Hope this clears your Mind set about Intraday Trading in Stock Market. If still you have any queries, you can contact us on 9825663123. Associate Now to Make good Money.