Fraud Red Alert: Due Diligence of identity is must before Making Payments

Hello Dear investors and traders, today we came up with this blog as yesterday we came across the fraud going on the name of ABJ Finstocks.

Innocent people are being cheated through Instagram its not new at Instagram but we need to be alert . We received calls from the sufferers they told us they have made payment to ABJ Finstocks by chatting with an account on Instagram the name of the account on Instagram was “Aditi Trader”. We have attached screenshot of the same.


1. They told us they trusted and made payment to that fraud account as they showed us SEBI Registered Certificate of ABJ Finstocks. See their daring they have upload ABJ Finstocks SEBI Registered Certificate in their Instagram account. So Plz don’t believe any one to be employee of ABJ Finstocks just because they show the certificate of ABJ Finstocks.

2. Don’t trust on the basis of number of followers, see they have 14.k followers.

3. Infact to allure people they are putting the Photos of smart girls. So Plz rethink about the parameters of decision Making.

We told them we don’t operate this Instagram account and we have not received their any payment even. But now we need to be alert message before making payments to advisories and take care of due diligence.

Not only this Aditi Trader, Many fake Instagram accounts are running to cheat the innocent traders and investors, they are changing account Names, Photos using different certificates.

We “ABJ Finstocks” have our own Brand reputation, we registered with SEBI in 2016, In Last 7 Years since registration as RA, we don’t have any single complaint against us recorded with SEBI. Our honesty and transparency are our pillars.  

We have many happy clients in both Long term as well as Short term with good renewal ratio. We don’t claim to be best but we give our best to serve are all clients.

Our purpose to write here is to provide you with few simple steps to protect yourself, please go through below mentioned steps.

Few Do’s:

1. Please verify the contact details on SEBI website for the given Brand Name

You can get the list of all SEBI Registered RA from this link

2. You can go to Google to find the website of the registered entity given on SEBI website

You can check the contact details are same if yes then please contact on those communication details like Phone number, address, email ID.

If it is Instagram account then also u can see what contact details they are having.

3. Last but not least, make payment only and only in the bank accounts of the registered entity and not any XYZ number or Bank. If it is ABJ Finstocks then Make payment in the bank account with account holder name as ABJ Finstocks.

Its humble request to stay alert.

We feel sorry for all the nuisance happening but this can be stopped with due care.


SEBI Registered Research Analyst (Reg. No.: INH000003507)


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