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Can I earn Rs.1000/- per day in intraday trading?

can i earn daily from intraday trading

can i earn daily from intraday trading

This is the question we heard many times from our clients and even our students use to ask us, can’t we make just Rs.1000/- per day? As Stock Market is full of opportunities due to its volatility, where prices keep fluctuating every movement which could help to make so much money.

Now the answer to it is Yes!! We could make Rs.1000/- per day from Stock Market easily. Its not a big deal.  But we have to just take care of one simple thing this Rs.1000/- should be per day on average basis and not daily basis. 

What do we mean???

Actually, returns in stock Market has to be seen on average basis i.e., Average Profit Per Day Or and not Profit per day. This holds good for Intraday and Short-term traders. Average is calculated on big number of trades, at least for 100 trades.

Average Profit Per Day v/s Profit Per Day

Now what we mean here is, calculate your average Profits at least after 100 trades.  Assume you can make daily 2 intraday trades, so monthly approx. 40 trades. So approx. 120 trades in 3 Months. So, you can check your trading average after 3 Months if you are an intraday trader. And if your average comes Rs.1000/- then surely you are in the game and you can say yourself that I am able to make Rs.1000/- per day but that is average profit and not daily profit. You must have incurred losses in many days and even big losses many times. In many days you must have made Big Profits even.

Why Traders are not able to make just Rs.1000/- per day ?

The big reason that traders are net losers in stock Market is their perception towards Money Management which includes risk return calculations, etc..  

People lose in stock Market because they don’t wait for the big number of trades to occur for checking average P/L. They conclude in few bad or good trades, the trading ability of their stock market advisors, or their own trading abilities, which make them take wrong decisions like depression or over excited respectively as the result comes.

Let’s be More Practical,

Even in business we calculate our Profit loss at the end of year (Minimum time frame useful for short term Traders).
Employees also get salary on monthly basis (Minimum time frame used by intraday traders).

Then why do we expect Stock Market to daily give us Rs.1000/-. So, now onward let’s be more intellectual and mature for future trading and calculate our profit and losses on average basis, this holds good for short term traders and intraday traders both.

This would increase our chances to make good profits through our intraday stock advisor or our own trading abilities.

How to select Stock Advisory?

Always go with the advisory which has consistently delivered good Average Profits. One most important thing that traders forget to consider is Capital Required to generate the desired returns.   

Lower Capital would be required to generate same amount of Profit in below situations:

  1. Intraday trading (Higher Number of trades)
  2. High Reward: Risk
  3. High Accuracy

To get the intraday trading tips with good Reward: Risk and good Accuracy (considered on average basis with high number of trades), associate Now with ABJ Finstocks, Stock Market Advisor. Always remember one thing associate for at least three months to see good profits. If you have any queries feel free to contact us.