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Can I Build Huge Wealth from Stock Market after associating with ABJ Finstocks, as an Investor? 

Building your wealth from the stock market – that’s why people get into the stock market. We are sure that is why you are reading this as well. You want to know how to build huge wealth from the stock market. And more importantly, you want to know Can ABJ Finstocks help you achieve that.

Can I Build Huge Wealth from the Stock Market?

Yes, off course… But if you want to build huge wealth from the stock market it requires a long-term approach, patience, and disciplined investing. You have to focus on high-quality companies with strong fundamentals and growth potential. Another important thing you have to do is to diversify your portfolio to spread risk and avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Start with a plan and stick to it. Over time, compounding returns and strategic investing can lead to substantial wealth accumulation. Once you invest in a company, you have to continuously educate yourself about investing and stay updated on market trends. 

Can ABJ Help Building Wealth from the Stock Market?

Yes, off course, though no guarantees as giving guarantee is illegal as well as impractical in such volatile underlying.  Combination of our stocks that have potential to deliver huge returns + Our working method helps you build huge wealth in long term. 

How can associating with ABJ Finstocks help?

“Experience helps”, haven’t you heard it before? What we have at ABJ Finstocks is years of experience + Edge in selecting Stocks that are expected to be upcoming Stars + Unwavering Psychology. 

Investing is majorly about identifying the right stocks. You see, every stock moves in a particular pattern. No two patterns are the same but they show similar characteristics of growth. Comprehensive research and diligent planning help us identify stocks that are upcoming stars. 

  1. Our Stocks:

At ABJ Finstocks, we don’t recommend investing in stocks that have run out of steam. We think that they have already given super returns and their potential to give returns has stagnated. So what do we do? We look for stocks with superb growth patterns i.e., stocks that are expected to give Multifold returns in the long run but are not discovered yet. Which means we look for potential multibagger stocks.

Multibaggers are those that give significant price appreciation over time, often multiplying many times over their initial investment value. These stocks typically belong to companies with strong growth potential, innovative products or services, or sectors experiencing rapid expansion. 

As an investor, when you take our recommendation and invest in multibagger stocks they generate substantial returns. At ABJ Finstocks as a SEBI Registered Research analyst, we identify such stocks for you through research, patience, and recommend them to you from a long-term investment horizon.

2. Our Working Method:
What do we do? And how do we do it?

Over the years, we have formulated our working method. It’s unique to us and it has given multi-fold returns to our clients. 

A. Be slow, be steady To Start With

We believe that when it comes to investment, slow and steady wins the race. So when we recommend the stocks for you, we don’t advice you to put all your money all at once. Take your time, see how your stocks are performing, be aware of the changing market scenario and then invest.

B. No Stop Loss 

Our strategy while investing is very simple. We enter the trade. But we don’t exit it. Which means we don’t exit at stop-loss. In fact, we don’t keep stop-loss at all. We keep the stocks for the long term.
Now you may ask, “What if the stock doesn’t perform?”. What can happen? It will be stuck in a particular price range for a long period, or it will fall down and bite the dust. And how much will you fall? 100%. In the long run, if you calculate the growth of your portfolio on average, the cumulative percentage of return that you will earn will cover up for the few underperforming and non-performing stocks. And you will be in great profits including non performing stocks even.

C Diversification

Another strategic action we take is Diversification. Diversification across various sectors can mitigate risk, ensuring that you are not overly reliant on the success of any single stock. At ABJ Finstocks, we diversify from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 36 stocks in one category in one year. 

C. Zero Sum Portfolio
We also put a clause with the initial capital we invest. Once, our investment doubles, we withdraw the initial capital. So our investment goes on with the money that we have earned from the market and not what we have invested initially. 

D. Coffee Can Portfolio (Perpetual Investments) TO End With
When you are invested for a long term or you can say perpetual is our investment horizon other than withdrawing capital, the returns are multi-fold over a period of time if invested in right stock. We have seen that when you do this, you get 15 to 20 times returns and even more.

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